We were very proud to display and parade our pack at the first ever Countryfile Live Event at Blenheim Palace 

 Blenheim Palace





 Harry and Minnie meet Countryfile's Matt Baker





 A little glimpse of our girls on this Countryfile Live video


 Minnie with Peter Purves and Matt Baker


 Very proud to see our Minnie on Countryfile ( August 21st ) To see her have a look on BBC IPlayer about 22 minutes in ~ http://bbc.in/2btJAwq



 Small piece in the Farmer's Weekly


Harry, Ivy and Freddie being interviewed 



Alice begging for attention 




 Elsie Retrieving the rat in the Dog Arena  !


 Harry with Minnie, Peter Purves and Matt Baker

 Harry talking all things Sealyham with Peter Purves in the Dog Arena


 We couldn't resist a quick pic with John Craven outside the Craven Arms !