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Photos of the pack at work ,ratting on farms and rivers etc.

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 Ratting in Norfolk 

Many thanks to Karen Davison-White for these fabulous photos from our annual ratting trips to Norfolk  .

To see the full set of photographs please click on the links below

Norfolk Ratting  2018

Norfolk Ratting 2019 




























July 2015 ~

We were delighted to receive this update on 7 month old Ilmer Pup Billy 

" He did his first proper mornings grain barn clearing last Monday and since then whoosh! He has upped his considerably high game by 100% - amazing character......hunting up a fox on Friday night (tho he didn't quite know what to do after cornering him!) and star of the show at the kids school camping trip on the Saturday - quite incredible. I still regularly catch myself admiring some new way that he shows me of approaching life " 


Summer 2014 ~ Rats Galore !












October 4th 2014 ~   Coming Soon ~ Limited Edition DVD ! 

Ratting With the Working Sealyham Terrier Club

A days ratting filmed and produced by Nick Ridley .A wonderful insight into pest control ~ Sealyham Style !

Also on the disc is footage of the pack working on a Devon river last summer.

Below is a short trailer of the video ~ to order a copy please go to our online shop





January 2014 ~ These photos were sent to us from Slovakia ~ Sealyhams tracking wild boar etc ~ doing the work they were intended for.




January 2014 ~ Winnie's Night Time Ratting 



January 2014 ~ Ratting on the chicken farm last summer 



February 2013 ~ Winnie catching rats !






January 2013 ~ Winnie working with the ferrets ~ Another successful day








A Selection of pictures from days out ratting with the pack