Here we have some correspondance from visitors about their personal experience of a day out with the pack and meeting their new pups etc.


 March 2012

Hello! Whilst at Crufts on 10/03/2012, me and my family came across the 'Save the Sealyhams' stand. I'm very much into photography, so I took some photos of two of your Sealyhams, Ethel and Alice. A member of your staff asked me to email you these photos and a write up about me meeting the sealyhams, and that it could go on your website. Read on for story, and the pictures are attached! Many thanks, Harriet Fidkin, 13

On the 10th of March, 2012 I went to Crufts. It was my first time going, so I didn't really know what to expect! I loved seeing all the different dogs there, but my favourites by far were the Sealyhams! They were so cute and full of character. I loved them so much that I got out my camera and took a few shots of two of the Sealyhams, Ethel, 10 months and Alice 7 months. They were happy to pose for me, and took these two beautiful shots! I find it so sad that this wonderful breed is dying out, and urge people to consider getting a Sealyham if they are thinking of having a dog! Thank you to the staff at Crufts for introducing me to the Sealyhams!

By Harriet Fidkin, aged 13



Sealyham Visit 28th May 2012

The Country Life "Save Our Sealyhams" edition struck a real chord with us and we have been following the progress of Harry Parson's mission to promote the endangered breed of working Sealyhams. Our interest grew with regular visits to the website and reading about them. Eventually we decided on a visit to see the pack in Devon.

Gail helpfully recommended the Watermans Arms  (a very comfortable place to stay with good food) and despite a wet drive down, the weather cleared about 20 minutes away from our destination and we were able to enjoy sitting beside the river outside the Waterman Inn with some unaccustomed warm sunshine.

It was, alas, raining the following morning when we were to meet the Sealyham Pack for a walk by the river. Harry, Gail, along with Alison their friend, who runs Mercury Vets, the mobile vet service and her sons Mark and James arrived in two pick up trucks complete and bursting with Sealyhams, Jack Russells, a Lurcher and two Ilmer puppies. Over coffee we all cooed over the two Ilmer puppies, Goose and Fagin who were enchanting. Goose was being collected that morning by her new owners and being driven back to London. Harry was taking Fagin to his new home in Norfolk in a week or so


By the time we had donned the wellies and waterproof clothing, the rain had stopped, although the water was pouring off the hills and the river was very high and flowing fast. The mud was fairly challenging too.


We followed Harry, Gail and the others to some fields leading down to the river, where the Sealyhams, which included Madge, Alice, Eddie, Mollie (now looking much more grown up from her debut cover photo on Country Life) and Ernie and the other dogs all headed off to look for likely quarry. They busied themselves nosing out familiar scents, and were clearly tempted to take to the water. It was a delight to watch them being busy, charging around with their distinctive gallop and clearly enjoying the company of each other and the adults. Mabel was in her element going after the other dogs and when verbally taken to task by Harry or Gail knew just how to position herself out of view behind our wellies to avoid making eye contact with either of them. It was such a pleasure to watch the Pack doing what they are good at. There was no barking at or misbehaviour towards the adults and their good nature and intelligence was obvious to see.

When the time came to get them back into the pick up trucks, they waited patiently by the side of the vehicles to be picked up and put back inside. As Gail said, we had probably seen them at their dirtiest, but they remained as engaging as ever, dirty or not.


Harry, Gail and the others went out of their way to show us the pack in their natural environment, thriving on the challenge of tracking. Equally at home in a more urban environment, we were reassured that the Sealyham will adapt to a less active and outdoor environment. Harry is involved in a careful breeding programme to promote the Sealyham's best characteristics from a strong gene pool. This is time consuming and clearly a passion for him and Gail. They have a very demanding schedule of game fairs to visit during the summer months where they continue to show the pack to a public that, apart from older generations, is sadly not familiar with this very special breed of terrier. Hopefully their efforts and the publicity they have generated will put this right.


Seeing the Pack for real was a real tonic. They are doughty and totally engaging little characters who will lift the spirits of anyone who is fortunate enough to come into contact with them.

We were fans before we met them, but doubly so now.

Next stop Highclere Game Fair.


September 2012

Below is a letter from George Hendry ( aged 7 ) .George and his brother Charlie ( aged 5 ) are the proud owners of 8 month old Ilmer Terrier Daisy.


Daisy at the Waverney Harriers show 2012






On Sunday 28th October we took the pack up to West Sussex as a 10th birthday surprise for Gemma Harriot.

Gemma and her Mum ,Caroline, had met us at the South of England show earlier in the year and Gemma fell in love with the Sealyhams,so when Caroline contacted us regarding having a day out with the pack we were only too pleased to oblige and with Gemma's birthday coming up it was decided that we would have a surprise meet for her.

Setting off in search of rats :

'Must be here somewhere !'

Gemma with Harry,Nigel & the pack

Below is a letter from Gemma :




Looks like Madge has spotted one !

A very happy Gemma with Doris


Overseas Connections ~

From Isobel Harrison in Australia  

Hi Harry, My Sealy, Bryn and I would love to join your outings but it's a long way from Melbourne Aust. to where the outings are held
,I am so pleased Bryn is an honourary member of the club, there is no Sealyham club in Australia that I know of only Terrier clubs. How I found you, I had a magazine from our library, Country Life, it had an article, Save Our Sealyhams. There was an address so I emailed you.There aren't a lot of Sealyhams in Victoria. Bryn is doing very well at Obedience club. I am on my own, my husband died 5 years ago, we had Kate and Bryn, now only Bryn. Please tell me a bit about your Sealyhams. Bye Isobel
Isobel & Bryn
Bryn with her obedience club prize
November 2012
Greetings from Berlin!
What a wonderful photo of Alice!
My dog Bentley would be so HAPPY to be there too...
Thank you for sending your info...I always look forward to your mails...
david knutson
From Wendy Robinson in South Africa
Dear Gail,
Thanks for your reply. I have managed to locate a Sealy in Johannesburg, the owner is breeding from an American bitch and a Swedish dog. At present she is pregnant, and after a recent scan the vet told Madeleine that there are 5 healthy heartbeats. I think this must be the first litter of Sealy's born in South Africa!
I will send you a picture of the pup in due course.
Wendy Robinson.
And here is Wendy's beautiful pup Danny at 8 weeks old :)
March 2016 ~ Isobel and Bryn

 Hi Gail,It is still very hot here, took Bryn to the beach to a friends beach box for cuppa, we had a swim and took 2 photos for you.  Temp in mid30's all this week , will have air con on. Loved Sealy in window. Bryn not impressed by your rocky beach, she is used to digging in the sand. Regards Bryn and Me.