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 Left to Right ~ Madge, Mabel, Elsie, Peggy, Alice, Celia & Hector

 Left to Right ~ Enid, Ivy, Jeffrey, Grace, Stanley & Peggy


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 9th May 2018 ~ Edward and Mabel ( Father and Daughter )


 May 2018 ~ Sybil and her Boys


23rd April 2018 ~ Betsy



2nd April 2018 ~ The Field Magazine 


5th March 2018 ~ Sealyhams on TV

Our Handsome Hector is the proud father of some beautiful Sealyham puppies that have been filmed for the Vet On The Hill television series starting on Weds  7th March at 9 00pm .Well done to Betty and her owner Claire. To see the preview click on the link below

Vet On The Hill



15th February 2018 ~ Breed Statistics

 Some Super Sealyham News  ~ ?? The KC breed statistics for 2017 show Sealyham registrations were up to 167 ~ That's an increase of 54 on the previous year !!




 31st December  2017 ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR 



 25th December 2017~ Merry Christmas


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20th November 2017 ~ W.S.T.C Calendar

Our 2018 Calendar is now available to buy from our Online Shop

9th August 2017  ~ Sealyhams in the Shooting Times

 Lovely article by Frank Houghton Brown with some great photohraphs by Nick Ridley 



5th May 2017 ~ Sealyhams in the Sporting Gun

Our  ratting day in Worcestershire is now available to read in an article by Nick Ridley in the June Issue of the Sporting Gun Magazine ~ Good Day ~Great Article 


April 22nd 2017 ~ A Letter From Canada

Carina Roter

I was standing in a very long check out line in a grocery store in London, England. A magazine cover caught my eye, FIELD AND GUN LIFE, something like that. Not a magazine I would normally gravitate to but the headline caught my eye. SAVE OUR NATIONAL DOG/ THE SEALYHAM TERRIER /GOING EXTINCT. On the cover was a VERY cute Sealyham.
I picked up the magazine.  The article was interesting and well written. It had a lot of information about Harry Parsons and his campaign to save these little terriers.
A few days later on a London street a woman walked by me with a dog. " Is that a Sealyham?" I asked. "Yes, it is." She picked the dog up, put him in my arms and said "This is Bingo. You must get one. The Sealyham is going extinct. Go to Go to Devon. Get a Sealyham."
There was something very peaceful about that little dog. I didn't want to give him back to the lady. I really liked the way he felt.

A year later I was back in London. I had broken my leg  a few days after I had arrived and was waiting to be brought back home. Funny what goes through one's head when isolated in a far away place. All that came to mind was " I need a Sealyham Terrier."
There was plenty of time to research.

I wrote to breeders.
I told them I was a retired flight attendant. Now teaching yoga. That I was ready for a canine companion. I wanted an  adult dog. I was prepared to wait as I knew these dogs were rare and was prepared to travel to get a dog.
As luck would have it the breeder that wrote me back lived in driving distance from my home in Vancouver,
Florence Yunik told me to look her up when I got back to Canada.

As soon as I got my cast off and could walk without crutches I made the trek out to Aldergrove.
Florence and her " crew" of Sealies were so welcoming.
One Sealyham more beautiful and delightful than the next.
I thought I was just going out to meet Florence ( we were solid pen pals by this point) and see some real live Sealyham terriers.
I was taken by surprise when she asked me if I would like to adopt one of her retired bitches. Florence could see that her Can Ch. Bushaway Bacardi Amber needed her own human.
The timing was perfect. Little Amber would get me out and walking.
This would be great. My Sealyham would be my road to rehabilitation!

I fell in love with little Amber immediately.
She adapted easily to city living.
Read: she had me wrapped around her paw within minutes of her arrival.
Her prayers had been answered: the universe had sent her a personal maid /chauffeur who
knew how to operate the can opener!

I was absolutely charmed by this intelligent, fabulous dog.
A couple of weeks after Amber came to live in the city she seemed  to be a bit depressed. Florence and I figured that she was used to living in a pack and even though her new life was good, she had never been without canine company.
My poor Amber!
I got in the car, drove to Aldergrove and borrowed Roo ( her buddy) from Florence!

I had never been happier. One Sealyham was great. Two Sealyhams were fabulous.
Florence received numerous, daily emails recounting every last detail of my new life with these two wonderful dogs.

This was not enough.

I now NEEDED to tell Harry Parsons!

 A letter, email or phone call would clearly not convey my sentiments.
There was only one answer.
I hopped on a plane to the UK and went straight to Paddington station.

" I would like to buy a ticket to Umberleigh, Devon,  please. One day return."
" That is a long journey for a one day trip." replied the clerk.
" It will be worth it. I need to shake the hand of the man who wrote the article about the Sealyham Terrier. Because of him I went out and got one. Best thing I ever did. They are going extinct, you know. They do nothing bad."

At this point, everybody was curious about the Sealyham Terrier ( clearly my voice carries ) . Every clerk behind the desk and passenger in line pulled out their smart phone and were deep into Google images looking up the elusive Sealyham Terrier.

The clerk was right. Umberleigh from London was a long way for one day.
This was going to be a two day adventure.

The train ride to Exeter was close to three hours. My seat mate was a delightful Border Terrier named Eddie, and his human. We talked terriers all the way.

Exeter was delightful. They had a wonderful museum. It was basically every museum in London rolled into one. A massive cathedral. The organist was rehearsing while I was there. Clearly, these were difficult chords. It was rather amusing to hear the same short piece played over and over with the muffled echoes of verbal frustration from the organist. ( Did I hear some good cursing?)
I found a family run guest house that would do well with its own reality show and hunkered down for the night.

The next morning I made my way to the train station at 6 am for an 8 am departure. Working for the airlines had traumatized me into being VERY EARLY for any departure.
The Exeter train station has four tracks. My chances of getting lost were zero. There were now two empty hours to fill with anxiety!

If there was anything anxiety producing, it was the briefing I received at Paddington.
" You will need to flag the train to Umberleigh down." said the clerk.
" Like stand on the track and ACTUALLY flag the train down? Semaphore style?"  I asked.
" I don't actually know that part, miss. I have never been. I am just reading the notes here in the computer. "

At 07:55 the incoming train was WITHOUT a doubt flagged down by a very tall Canadian woman standing on the platform, furiously waving her arms and legs to indicate a stop was requested.

The instructions after that were to go up to the conductor, knock on his door and tell him your destination.

"Hello, I am going to Umberleigh."
"Umberleigh or Amberleigh?" Asked the conductor.
"Umberleigh or Amberleigh?" He asked again.
He still looked perplexed. I wrote it down.
"Oh, Umberleigh" he said knowingly.
""That's what I said."
"No, miss. What you said sounded like a mix of the two."

The countryside was gorgeous. The train was empty.

An hour later the train stopped seemingly in the middle of nowhere.
Over the intercom " This is Umberleigh, Carina."
No sign, no nothing.
Just a firm voice announcing we had arrived at our destination.
This was very similar to driving with my dad!

I looked out and saw Harry Parsons.

I had to pinch myself!

Here I was in the middle of a Turner painting looking at so many Sealyham faces staring back at me from the back of a truck.

We drove for a least twenty minutes back to the house. Harry is a great raconteur. Nonstop information about, dogs, the countryside, his life growing up in east London.

As Harry was speaking I realized something. I had been an international flight attendant for 35 years. I had listened to English being spoken with the heaviest of foreign accents. No problem.
Here I was with a native English speaker and I needed sub titles to understand his cockney accehe family room were three puppies from two different litters. Geoffrey, Stanley and Gracie. About ten weeks old. They played in their pen as Harry pulled out the record books  on what seemed to be every Sealyham ever born in the UK. Books with fastidious handwriting, photos, pictures and articles going back 100 years. All of these were complied by Harry. I was shown Sealyham artifacts, figurines, art work, Victorian umbrellas, walking sticks you name it.
Harry spoke of the breed's history. How he is motivated to keep the working aspect of the breed alive. He and Gail do not have that many litters per year and they need to meet and vet out potential ownt!
Good thing it was a familiar topic! Had it been micro economics we would have been in trouble.

My ear adjusted.

We arrived at the house. Gail Wescott, Harry's partner met us. Harry gave me a tour of the grounds. When we were high enough on the small hill next to the house he signalled to Gail to
"Release the hounds" ( well, the terriers). What a sight! All thirty of them came running out of the house at the same time! It reminded me of the scene from the movie " Tempest in a teapot" with Vivian Leigh, when all the Sealyhams came running down the big staircase. ( Note: this movie is free on YouTube)

We stood outside on this hill looking at the beautiful Devon countryside. Harry and Gail telling me of their life long work to save the breed as dogs romped around us. They love Harry and always keep an eye on him. Not one of the dogs running off. They stay with the pack.

We went inside for ( what else?) tea. I LOVE the UK! The minute one passes over someone's threshold one hears " I'll just put on the kettle."

In tners. They have been offered fortunes for adult dogs and have refused.

The time flew by. I arrived at 9 am and the next time we all looked up it was 1pm.
My train was at 2pm back to London.
I was given another tour of the property. This time shown the buildings out back that will be turned into the Sealyham museum and a hotel.
Harry and Gail just moved to this property December of 2016.  They are hoping to have all this up and running in the next year.

This was an absolutely magical day. I came into all of this thinking I was getting a cute dog. What came with it has been wonderful. I learned so much in one afternoon. Not only the history of the breed but a history of culture, class structure, a country.
I saw gorgeous country side, met beautiful people and got to see lots and lots of Sealyham terriers.
Best of all I got to shake the hand of Harry Parsons.
It is always inspiring to meet people that are so "in life".
Thank you Harry and Gail. Thank you Florence Yunik. And of course, thank you Amber the Sealyham for loving me like you do.

Harry Parsons and Gail Westcott can be reached at
Anyone with questions about this article can contact Carina at:


19th February 2017 ~Sealyhams from above ! 

Last week we had a day out ratting in Worcestershire ~ Nick Ridley joined us and took this footage with his drone :) 


February 2017 ~ News update 

Excellent news for the Sealyhams ! The Kennel Club Breed Registration Statistics for 2016 have recorded 113 new Sealyhams pups for last year ~ which is the exact same number as the previous year ( 2015 ).


The Field Magazine  ~ March 2017 issue 

We were delighted to place Betsy,  one our beautiful 3/4 Sealyham puppies with  Jonathan Young ~ The editor of The Field magazine ~ In this issue there is a small article recounting Betsy's first few weeks in her new home .We think that Betsy is going to have a wonderful life......







24th December 2016 ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS




20th December 2016 ~ Sealyhams on Film 


'Rats' now available to watch on Netflix UK ~ See our terriers catching the rats in this Documentary / Film by US Filmaker Morgan Spurlock ~ For more information please click on the link below :

Rats on Netflix UK



December 2016 ~ Fieldsports Magazine 

Very proud to have this lovely article by Jeremy Hobson in the Christmas Issue ( Dec / Jan ) of Fieldsports Magazine ~ On Sale now 



5th October 2016 ~Sealyhams feature in Sporting Gun Magazine ~ Article by Nick Ridley ( November issue ~ on sale now )



14th September 2016 ~ Sealyhams feature in Morgan Spurlock documentary !  

 Not for the faint hearted

Inspired by Robert Sullivan's New York Times bestselling book, here's the official synopsis and trailer for RATS…

RATS goes deep beneath the surface to explore the lives of man's greatest parasite. Oscar® nominated director Morgan Spurlock unveils a new form of documentary horror storytelling, journeying around the world to bring viewers face to face with rats while delving into our complicated relationship with these creepy creatures. In ways never before captured on film, RATS dives deep into New York City's parks, subway tunnels, and sewers; venture to rice paddies in Cambodia and Vietnam where rats are caught and sold as food, cross worldly streets in India paroled by the revered Night Rat Killers, journey to the English countryside where packs of terriers kill hundreds of rats per day, and look inside a New Orleans lab, where scientists are studying how abandoned neighborhoods are making rats more invasive than ever.

 Following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival , RATS will open in 10 markets nationwide on September 23rd and 24th, 2016, including Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and St. Louis, in an exclusive Landmark Theatres midnight showing engagement. The film was produced by Warrior Poets in association with Submarine Deluxe and Discovery Channel, the latter whom will be airing the film on October 22nd, 2016. Stay tuned for more on RATS here at  !

21st August 2016 ~ Countryfile 

 Very proud to see our beautiful Minnie on Countryfile this evening with Peter Purves and Matt Baker .

To see her go on BBC iplayer about 22 mins in.v


20th August 2016 ~ Countryfile Live 

 Harry and Minnie meet Countryfile's Matt Baker


 Minnie with Peter Purves and Matt Baker





3rd August 2016  ~ Countryman's Weekly